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Who We Are

We are a dedicated group of Southbury neighbors who love our town and work to make it better each day. In addition to supporting community events, providing scholarships to area high school students and stocking the local food bank, our primary goals are to promote Republican ideals and elect our candidates to office.

Each year we work to support Republican candidates in local, state and federal elections. While we are very successful here in Southbury, we continue to strive toward flipping Connecticut and the country, RED!

Our committee is made up of the following residents:

Gary Garofalo - Chairman

Sharon Scarlett - Vice Chairman

Jason Van Stone - Secretary

Gabby Addison - Treasurer

Steven Giacomi - Deputy Treasurer

Don Antilla, Ron Conti, Jim Docherty, Patti Gee, Dick Hanley, Ryan Henry, Peter Homick, Mary Korsu, Judy Katzmark, Len Labonia, Mark Lancor, Dorothy Ortale, John Potz, Dan Slywka, and Dr. Jack Zazzaro.


Casey Docherty, David Henn, Yvonne Piccot, Marion Pierce, and David Pittari

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